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skylight transponder
SkyLight – a next generation fleet performance monitoring service for optimizing vessel performance

SkyLight is an innovative, next generation fleet performance monitoring service that supports the optimization of the vessel’s performance, enabling ship operators to effectively manage their business.

Eniram and Wärtsilä are launching SkyLight – a cost-effective, next generation fleet performance monitoring service – that offers a vastly improved and more accurate solution compared to manual performance reporting with Automatic Identification System (AIS). With SkyLight, data about the ship’s movements is collected every five minutes and sent via satellite connection to Eniram’s data center. This data, together with the vessel’s noon reports, is combined and enriched with meteorological data, sea state and currents to model the vessel’s speed and fuel performance. This makes it possible to calculate very accurate fuel-speed curves without onboard integration or costly installations. This forms the basis for all ship and performance optimization.

Optimizing vessel performance with real-time data and advanced analytics services

With SkyLight, ship operators can cost-effectively monitor their fleet and compare the performance of each vessel in great detail. The software keeps records of the ships’ performance, enabling more prompt reporting, planning and cost optimization. “Access to fuel and speed performance data increases visibility and supports the optimization of the vessel’s performance. This way, ship operators can manage their business more effectively,” says Jan Wilhelmsson, Vice President Commercial Shipping at Eniram. “Delivering performance monitoring through portable equipment as a service enables operators with shorter business cycles to get the benefits of advanced data analytics. As satellite connectivity is rapidly improving, this type of service is a natural first step in the utilization of real-time data for fuel performance optimization.”

Making performance management available for all

SkyLight will also make the Charter Party monitoring transparent and near real-time. It will deliver an enhanced normalized fuel curve that can improve the optimization of commercial operations. SkyLight’s cost-effective approach makes energy and performance management available to all operators, owners and charterers, regardless of the size of their fleet. SkyLight is a subscription-based service delivered with a portable two-way transponder that is attached to the rail of the ship by the crew. The customer has instant access to the collected and analyzed performance data via Fleet, Eniram’s cloud-based software interface. Reports are also sent to the customer in a PDF format for easy storage.

“With opportunities created by connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT), we can provide intelligent sensors, integrated satellite communication and web-based analytics tools for optimizing ship performance at cost levels never seen before. This, combined with the vast amount of data Eniram has collected over several years, brings cost savings to our customers and helps them to make the right business decisions,” Wilhelmsson concludes.

Eniram – a Wärtsilä Company

Established in 2005, Eniram provides the maritime industry with energy management technology to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions. Created by experienced seafarers and technologists, Eniram’s solutions range from single onboard applications to comprehensive fleet analysis. They are used by small and large shipping companies on ships ranging from cruise liners, tankers, LNGs, container ships, bulkers and ferries. Eniram is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and has subsidiaries in the UK, the USA, Germany and Singapore. In July 2016, Eniram was acquired by Wärtsilä Corporation in order to strengthen its digital offering and in-house capabilities, specifically in data analytics, modelling and performance optimization.

Media Contacts:

Jan Wilhelmsson
Vice President, Commercial Shipping

Eniram – a Wärtsilä company
Tel: +44 7715 025221

Elisa Hauhia
Marketing Manager

Eniram – a Wärtsilä company
Tel: +358 40 5188373

“SkyLight” is a trademark and “Eniram” is a registered trademark of Eniram Ltd. (2016)

“Wärtsilä” is a registered trademark of Wärtsilä Corporation


Helsingfors profilerar sig inom smart havsteknologi


Sjöfart och it har under olika tidsperioder utgjort hörnstenar i finländskt näringsliv. Genom att förena kunnandet försöker Helsingfors profilera sig som centrum för framtidens smarta sjöfartsteknologi. För tio år sedan var Henrik Dahl med och grundade Eniram, ett företag som förenar sjöfart och it-kunnande. Eniram, med huvudkontor på Drumsö, utvecklar lösningar som sänker fartygens bränsleförbrukning med hjälp av big data-insamling och -analys.


Energy Management Cooperation

Cruise Industry News

When the Quantum of the Seas is delivered in late October, she will have a new ship-wide energy management system (EMS) developed by Metso and Eniram in cooperation with Royal Caribbean and Meyer Werft. Metso has been responsible for machinery, hotel automation and energy performance optimization and Eniram for voyage optimization.

Cruise industry review

Interview: Attaining Business Intelligence

World Maritime News

In a world swamped by software solutions providing various types of information and data it has become difficult to choose those tools that extract the data we actually need. Ships have been integrating these high-tech solutions at an ever growing pace, becoming more automated and reliant on technology. But what are the real benefits and how are they measured? 

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Euromaritime 2017

Join the the main trade meeting of the European maritime and waterways markets


Euromaritime is the only professional trade show dedicated to all those involved in Europe’s sea economy. As an essential meeting place for the European maritime industry and as a showcase for the maritime sector, Euromaritime is organised as an biennial event to fit into the international schedule of maritime events and to meet the needs of the entire industry.

Eniram’s representative Pierre Guillemin will be attending along with Wärtsilä to this event. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a meeting with him during the conference.

Event website


  • Date 31 Jan – 2 Feb, 2017
  • Stand number: E52
  • Location: Paris Porte de Versailles, France

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Data Analytics For Operational Improvement


Reporting and data analysis are key tools in understanding and improving complex operating environments, where the overall effects of any individual action can be very difficult to identify without a proper toolset at hand.

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Data Driven Fuel Measuring

webinar-fuel-590We used for this study real-life data to showcase the difference in accuracy and precision when using tank measurements vs. data from fuel flow meters. We also covered how does data from new generation Coriolis-based mass flow meters compare to the traditional volumetric-based meters.

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Static Vs. Dynamic Trimming


We conducted a study based on 2.5 years of data on a customer vessel where we compared the customer’s static trim model, based on tank tests, to dynamic trimming with our solution, Eniram Trim.

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Data Normalization

webinar-normalization-600In this webinar Eniram’s Lead Analyst Pekka Autere explains why to normalize vessel data, and gives examples on normalization, such as Vessel comparison with and without data normalization and Impact of trimming with and without data normalization.

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GCCA 2012 Later Stage Award


 Eniram has been chosen by the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) as the 2012 Later Stage Award Global Transportation winner. This award reflects Eniram’s success at delivering technology to ship owners and operators that help them to use less fuel across their shipping fleets and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

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