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Hull fouling study

Study explaining the financial impact of fouling can be up to $500,000 annually

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Guide to dynamic trim optimization

Study helping ship operators understand complexities of dynamic trimming.

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Container study

Study explaining propulsion power decomposition and savings via dynamic trimming technology.

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Tanker study

Study on how a VLCC saved 1.8% in fuel costs (=$330,000 annually).

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Operational vessel performance

A paper on optimizing fleet performance for optimum returns

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Static vs. Dynamic trimming

Learn how real-time dynamic trimming saves more fuel than static trimming

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Challenges in vessel speed optimization

This paper written by Eniramers Jussi Pyörre, Aatos Heikkinen and Tero Ilus was presented at the COMPIT event in April 2012

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Customer cases

Hamburg süd

Hamburg Süd Post-Panamax vessels are saving 3 % on fuel with Eniram Trim, which is now deployed fleetwide

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Norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Cruise Line are using Eniram Trim, Speed and Fleet fleet-wide

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Carnival cruise lines

Carnival Cruise Lines are benefiting from Eniram Trim, Speed and Fleet, and Eniram Analytics services

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Maran tankers

Maran Tankers, the single biggest tanker operator in Greece, has implemented Eniram Trim on their VLCC vessels

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Norgas carriers

Eniram Platform and Eniram Trim were chosen for trial installation on board two multigas carriers at Norgas

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Eniram Brochure

Eniram provides energy management systems for the maritime industry. Download our latest company brochure here:

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Eniram Corporate Overview

An overview of Eniram as a company and our products

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System Delivery Video

Video on how we deliver our energy-saving products

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Eniram & Industry Investment Cooperation

Video showing Finnish Industry Investment supporting Eniram through fast growth

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Eniram Platform

Eniram Platform is a real-time data collection platform that measures vessel performance and fuel consumption.

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Eniram Trim

Eniram Trim helps your crew to maintain optimum trim and save money by using less fuel.

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Eniram Speed

Eniram Speed is the only system to give the exact RPM for just-in-time arrival with maximum fuel efficiency.

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Eniram Engine

Eniram Engine helps your vessel’s crew to use the engines in the most efficient way.

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Eniram Performance

Eniram Performance helps analyze and track the total energy efficiency of vessels and offers actionable guidance.

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Eniram Fleet

Eniram Fleet enables onshore monitoring and management of vessel performance for optimizing fuel efficiency.

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Eniram Analytics

Using automatically collected data from a vessel equipped with Eniram Platform, Eniram can provide further insight about the vessel performance.

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