Save Like They Do

Savings Verified by HUNDREDS OF vessels around the world

Hamburg Süd is one of the first container lines to use this system. Evaluation of the results revealed fuel economies of 3-5%, according to Hamburg Süd Responsibility Report 2013.

"As a result of Eniram System, the ship's command is no way at the mercy of the design of the ship and the ambient conditions."

HS Corporate Video Customer Case

Containerships Chooses Eniram for Energy Management

Eniram’s Platform, Trim and Speed will all be deployed to optimise fuel efficiency and enhance the vessels’ eco-friendly design. On Containerships vessel Eniram debuts a new solid state attitude sensors which boast increased accuracy and reliability for the recording of sea state conditions.

“We are very pleased to be working with Eniram and look forward to a prolific, long-lasting relationship. Our constant focus on reducing our emissions via improved consumption is very much in line with our company environmental strategy”.

Frederic Leca, Chief Operating Officer

Carnival saving 200 tons of fuel

After successful trials of the Eniram Trim in 2007-2008 Carnival Cruise Lines are using it on over 30 ships.

“We expect to save more than 200 tons of carbon fuel/year/ship, which could represent financial savings of more than US $100k per ship.”

Robert C. Spicer, VP Energy Conservation

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Maran Saving With Trimming Technology

Maran Tankers, the single biggest tanker operator in Greece, has implemented Eniram Trim on their VLCC vessels.

“With the installation  we hope to achieve a fuel saving of 2-4%. This could translate into US $200-400k savings in fuel per year, as well as significant reduction in air emissions.”

Miltiades Sfantsikopoulos, Superintendent Engineer

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Phoenix Reisen for greener cruises

Phoenix Reisen has standardised on Eniram’s dynamic trimming system Eniram Trim in a bid to reduce fuel & emissions.

“The Eniram Trim provides a cost effective solution to make instant fuel savings based on optimal trim and offers great potential in achieving long term savings based on fleet level performance and intelligence.”

Norbert Jepsen, Fleet Manager

Norgas achieving 2% fuel savings

Eniram Trim was chosen for trial installation on board two Multigas carriers. After a successful trial period the decision was made to roll the solution out across the fleet.

“We can achieve significant further savings through utilising the additional data and analysis provided by the Eniram solution.”

Leo Huisman, President

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Destination Gotland saving €100k/ship/year

Destination Gotland, a Swedish ferry operator of four high-speed ferries is reducing fuel costs with Eniram system.

“With the Eniram Trim we are aiming for fuel savings of €100,000 per annum per ship installed with the technology. This corresponds to a reduction of 670 tons of C02 emissions annually.”

Mats Emanuelson, Superintendent 

Norwegian Saving 5% with Eniram

The first Norwegian Cruise Line ship deployed with the Eniram Trim is Norwegian Jewel in 2008, and in the following few years the system has been implemented for the rest of the fleet.

“Having now used Eniram Trim for some time, we are clearly using less energy to achieve the same speed.”

Captain Bjorn Ove Hansen, Director of Nautical Operations

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Royal Caribbean first to deploy Eniram

Liberty of the Seas was the first Royal Caribbean ship deployed with the Eniram Trim, currently used fleet-wide.

“If sailing at optimum trim at all times was easy, everyone would have done it a long time ago.”

Svein Taklo, VP of Marine Operations

Silversea saving 2-3% with Eniram

Silversea has deployed Eniram software on two of its long-distance cruise ships to ensure consistency when crews change.

“We are using Eniram Trim on two vessels and can verify 2-3% saving on fuel consumption. When you’re talking about an annual consumption rate of ~70,000 tons, fleet-wide the savings soon add up.”

— C. Sauleau, Exec. VP, Fleet Operations

Color Line Minimizing Fuel Needs

Color Line, one of Norway’s largest shipping companies have deployed Eniram Trim.

“We believe in Eniram System’s display of actual and potential fuel savings as a result of longitudinal trim in real time directly to the navigators as an efficient way to minimize fuel needs.”

Jan Helge Pile, Project Director