Eniram announces new training services for onboard and onshore personnel

Self studying

Helsinki, Finland – August 28, 2015Eniram Ltd, the leading provider of energy management technology and analytic services to the shipping industry, today announced the addition of in-depth training services for its Eniram platform and associated products.

The sophisticated yet easy-to-understand training portfolio is aimed at ship officers as well as staff onshore. Training modules are provided in a variety of formats that complement each other and have been developed to be both time and cost-effective.

Training paths describe which courses are intended for each audience and also specify the order of the courses. A graduated learning system takes each participant from introductory to advanced levels of learning in the area of general nautical operations, Eniram product operations (trim optimization, speed optimization, engine usage, analyzing and tracking energy management, etc) as well as advanced troubleshooting on board.

A mix of live and web-based conferencing as well as self-study components allow crew to optimize their time while they are busy manning the ship. The self-study Computer-Based Training (CBT) library includes presentations, how-to videos, manuals and other materials. In addition, a tablet is provided for the crew to use during the voyage. The onshore team can also access the materials online 24/7.

Commenting on the launch of the new Eniram training services, Tomi Urho, director of eniram academy, said: “By developing this comprehensive training offering, we will be able to provide our customers with the opportunity to go deeper in understanding and interpreting how eniram gathers, monitors and tracks fuel-saving data, and to gain improved data transparency across their fleet and in their organization as a result. at the same time, the training portfolio supports officers onboard to gain the knowledge and skills to efficiently optimize the fuel consumption. the training portfolio will also be further expanded with eniram certification programs later this year.”

About Eniram

Established in 2005, Eniram provides the maritime industry with energy management technology to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions. Created by experienced seafarers and technologists, Eniram’s solutions range from single onboard applications to comprehensive fleet analysis. They are used by small and large shipping companies on ships ranging from cruise liners, tankers, LNGs, container ships, bulkers and ferries. Eniram is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and has subsidiaries in the UK, the USA, Germany and Singapore.

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