This Is How It’s Done

Reliable System Deliveries from Start to Finish

Introducing the Installation Team

Our Services team works closely with our customers to ensure that onboard installation of Eniram systems takes place as efficiently as practical, taking into account resource requirements and vessel schedules.

With experience of hundreds of installations, covering a variety of vessel types, Eniram is uniquely positioned to work with your own team and manage the entire project life cycle. Our team is here to help you, and it consists of:

  • Project Managers – your efficient point of contact
  • Commissioning Engineers – your technical expert
  • Master Mariners – your professional marine trainer

Each Eniram Platform delivery is tailored for the solution serving the customer. Eniram onboard products are built on the Eniram Platform, and Eniram analytics and reporting services utilize the real-time data collected by the Eniram Platform. The vessel type, ship systems and customer specific needs are taken into account in the planning and execution of the delivery. After the installation, Eniram can provide on-going analytics and optimization service for future performance reviews and fine tuning to ensure continuous fuel saving.

System Delivery Video

This short video is an overview on how we install our software and hardware. With Eniram products you always get a reliable installation from start to finish!