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Using automatically collected data from an Eniram Platform-equipped vessel, Eniram can provide further insight about vessel performance. Eniram Analytics will help you to follow-up and enforce operational improvements, as well as evaluate long-term investment decisions and improve budgeting and planning with operational data.

Eniram Analytics

  • Automated reporting and data delivery
  • Customized analysis services
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Eniram has launched a next generation method to track hydrodynamic performance in order to manage hull fouling and evaluate impact of investments. Our new, advanced modelling will help you make precise decisions to:

  • minimize fuel and hull maintenance costs;
  • optimize cleaning intervals and hydrodynamic investments;
  • make smarter coating choices.

“The Hull and Propeller Performance online application is one of the best solutions Eniram has ever developed. I would recommend it to any ship owner or charterer who wants to improve hull performance. It helps us measure and track the impact of hull fouling and optimize timely hull cleanings. A great tool leading to savings!”

 – Mauricio Lacayo, Royal Caribbean Cruises

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Follow-up and enforce operational improvements

HULL & PROPELLER PERFORMANCE ONLINE APPLICATION Minimize fuel and hull maintenance costs, Optimize cleaning intervals, Make smarter coating decisions and Optimize hydrodynamic investments.

ENIRAM TRIM AND SPEED USAGE REPORT Ensure that Eniram onboard products are used to their full extent and that the benefits are being realized.

ENGINE EFFICIENCY REPORT Follow-up your engine efficiency in port or at sea.

Hull and Propeller fouling

Analytics STW Power

Evaluate long-term investment decisions and improve budgeting and planning with operational data.

PERFORMANCE IMPACT ANALYSIS Validate the impact of your investments. Using before and after data for comparison, our impact analysis quantifies the impact of a dry dock or any other event which influences the performance of your vessel.

PAINT PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS Validate and select the best coating for your vessel using historical information about vessel hull performance and coatings.

SPEED-FUEL REPORT Use vessel speed fuel curve based on real data to predict fuel consumption.

Use data and reports to gain insight about vessel operations and highlight differences between vessels and areas of improvement.

AUTOMATED NOON REPORT Reduce manual work and human errors caused by manual reporting and allow your crew to concentrate on operating the vessel.

LEG AND VOYAGE REPORT Create baselines for legs and voyages that are based on real data, and compare and understand different factors of vessel performance against these baselines.

SISTER VESSEL ANALYSIS Identify reasons for differing performance of your vessels. Eniram can compare the performance of one or several sister vessels by using automatically-collected data.

Eniram Leg Report