Eniram Engine

Optimal Loading Guidance at Your Fingertips

Eniram Engine™ helps the OFFICERS ONBOARD to load and use the vessel’s engines in the most efficient way.

Eniram Engine helps your vessel’s crew to use the engines in the most efficient way. Balancing the required engine load for multiple engines helps to enable fuel savings. Eniram Engine combines data from an onboard fuel flow meter with data on engine load and vessel speed. This ensures that your vessel burns no more fuel than is necessary to maintain the desired speed and service power requirements in prevailing conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Real-time data calculations
  • Real-time SFOC performance of engines
  • Real-time fuel consumption
  • Direct and electronic fuel and propulsion measurements
  • For single and multi-engine vessels
  •  3% savings with Eniram Speed



Eniram Engine takes into account the actual fuel usage. This means that prevailing operational mode is taken into account in the recommendations that Eniram Engine gives to the Engineers onboard. For instance, if fuel oil is used to supplement Boil-Off Gas (BOG) as a fuel for the ship’s propulsion and energy systems, then Eniram Engine provides only suggestions with this mixed fuel usage. Moreover, if the carrier is equipped with a reliquefication plant and the BOG is reliquefied and fuel oil is used for the engines, then only suggestions with fuel oil usage are provided. We now introduce a new feature, the planning view, which helps the engineers onboard get the right engine and fuel combination right the first time.

Engine for LNG


  • Engine combination suggestions for fuel-optimal operation of the power plant
  • Efficiency differences between gas and fuel oil are taken into account
  • Monitoring of the available power for safe and efficient operations onboard
  • Real-time and planning view of fuel consumption in MDO equivalent
  • 2-4% proven savings


Engine Efficiency enables fuel savings

Constantly changing operating conditions require on-going power usage adjustments. Engine fuel consumption is directly proportional to engine efficiency, thus any steps taken to enhance consumption optimization should be based on actual data to reflect any changes as they occur. The efficiency of an engine is the ratio of the engine’s power output to the fuel consumed by the power plant – this indicator is called SFC (Specific Fuel Consumption). High engine efficiency is imperative to achieve low SFC and the potential cost savings. In a multi-engine room environment, using Eniram Engine to monitor the load of each engine enables load-balancing decisions.

Technical Highlights

  • Runs on Eniram Platform
  • User-interface delivered via standard web-browser via encrypted link
  • Accessible via any computer connected to the same network
  • Supported by any modern web browser

Eniram Engine gives best results when combined with Eniram Speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What benefits does Eniram Engine bring?

A: Eniram Engine will benefit via it being able to give guidance on how to run your vessel’s power plant in the most efficient way to fullfill the power requirement by propulsion and possible service power demand (AC, Reefers, etc.). Eniram Engine also includes detailed modeling of your engine performance curves. These curves and their movement over time can be used to track engine performance and prevent outages.

Q: Why does Eniram Engine SFOC curves differ from manufacturer curves?

A: Eniram Engine measures the TRUE performance of the engine in actual conditions. Manufacturer curves were built in laboratory conditions using very specific settings. After an engine has been fitted onboard and even when it is new, the actual performance will differ from such curves. One benefit of the system is actually understanding the true performance.

Q: Do I need fuel flow meters?

A: For best performance, Eniram Engine uses fuel flow meter data. We can integrate into any meter technology available such as volumetric meters or coriolis-effect-based mass flow meters. Read more on estimating fuel consumption in our blog The Whole Picture.

System Delivery Video

This short video is an overview on how we install our software and hardware. With Eniram products you always get a reliable installation from start to finish!