Eniram Performance

Optimize Your Fleet With Energy Efficient Technology

Eniram Performance tracks the total energy efficiency of vessels.


Eniram Performance is deeply integrated with other state-of-the-art Eniram products that help your crew visibly see how to effectively analyze and track the total energy efficiency of your vessels. Data intelligence and optimization guidance, combined with the seafaring experience of your officers, creates a powerful partnership for significantly reducing fuel costs while enhancing overall vessel performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Enables deep and complete understanding of a vessel’s energy management
  • Increased vessel energy management performance
  • Using normalized KPIs the crew are capable of testing and improving practices as direct impact is visible interdependent of outside factors
  • Dynamic benchmarking

We Help you Track it Down

Eniram Performance uses Eniram Platform installed onboard your vessels integrated with other onboard systems (such as the bridge and automation systems) to collect the real-time performance data using sensor network technology. The cumulative data is shown in an easy-to-understand and holistic way in the Eniram Performance dashboard. Eniram Performance offers the possibility to explore and drill down to detailed level each key performance indicator and compare key performance indicators with each other to get a comprehensive view of your vessel’s energy management performance. The easy-to-interpret benchmark graphs and reports help the crew to identify the key areas for savings potential by revealing performance deviations and monitoring selected performance parameters. At best Eniram Performance is a tool for fostering exploration to find best practices on your vessel and in the best case, your whole fleet.

Technical Highlights

  • Runs on Eniram Platform
  • Web browser based user-interface delivered via encrypted link
  • Accessible via any computer connected to the same network
  • Supported by any modern web browser

Eniram Performance gives the best possible results when combined with Eniram Engine and Eniram Speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the main function of Eniram Performance?

A: Eniram Performance provides you with a fuel budget for the upcoming voyage. The budget is based on managing the vessel optimally, e.g. speed.

Q: What is the fuel budget based on?

A: The fuel budget is dynamically calculated based on the conditions the vessels will face during the leg.

Q: Can the fuel budget vary for the same leg?

A: Yes, it can vary since Eniram Performance takes into consideration the factors like wind and currents for each specific leg that impacts the fuel consumption.

Q: Can I follow if I am staying within the fuel budget that

Eniram Performance has calculated?

A: Eniram Performance is constantly monitoring the real-time fuel consumption and comparing it to the budgeted fuel consumption. The user can conveniently see the difference between budgeted and real-time consumption in Eniram Performance’s main view all the time.

System Delivery Video

This short video is an overview on how we install our software and hardware. With Eniram products you always get a reliable installation from start to finish!