Eniram Speed

Full steam ahead – or maybe not quite

Eniram Speed™ is the only system to give the exact RPM for just-in-time arrival with maximum fuel efficiency.


Eniram Speed provides the optimal RPM to reach port just-in-time at the lowest cost. Eniram Speed is the only speed optimization solution on the market that continuously takes into account all the prevailing dynamic conditions, ensuring the system is always up to date and accurate.


Features & Benefits

  • Dynamic RPM guidance
  • Integrated weather forecasts, e.g. combined ocean and tidal currents, using various forecast providers
  • Map assisted route setup for quick configuration
  • Eniram Fleet offers post-voyage follow-up


Proven Savings

Easy-to-use Speed Optimization Technology

The solution automatically receives route information from navigation systems. Once your crew selects the target waypoint and ETA, the system calculates an optimum RPM profile to reach the target waypoint ‘just-in-time’ with the optimum amount of fuel. The profile is then updated several times a minute to keep the guidance up to date with changing wind, weather, etc. It also takes into account the engine combination as well as any speed and emission (e.g. ECA zones) restrictions to ensure the optimal profile costs you the least amount of money. Eniram Speed applies a combination of statistical modeling, forecast data and real-time data monitoring.

Technical Highlights

  • Runs on Eniram Platform
  • User-interface runs on a standard web-browser via encrypted link
  • Accessible via any computer connected to the same network
  • Supported by any modern web browser

Eniram Speed gives the best possible results when combined with Eniram Engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Eniram Speed take weather into account?

A: Yes. A real-time weather forecast has been integrated to Speed, to increase accuracy of recommendation, enhance usability and minimize need for configuration prior to voyage.

Q: What interfaces do you support? What if my vessel has a data interface which is not supported yet?

A: Eniram Platform utilizes an Enterprise architectural model of Extract-Transform-Load for your data. We built the Extract part so that we get data from additional sources that can be easily customized to any need. Given specifications of a new 3rd party interface, we will build our end cost-free and it will be included in the Eniram system delivery. Why do we do this? We see that our capability to integrate easily with all possible shipborne systems as a core value to our company.

System Delivery Video

This short video is an overview on how we install our software and hardware. With Eniram products you always get a reliable installation from start to finish!