Eniram Fleet

The Window To Your Fleet

Eniram Fleet enables onshore monitoring and management of vessel performance for optimizing fuel efficiency.

Eniram Fleet helps you gather, store and analyze vessel performance data to support your decision-making. Adding our data intelligence to the seafaring experience of your crew is the fast-track route to achieving real fuel-efficient operations as well as identifying further savings potential. Managing a single vessel or a whole fleet today is more challenging than ever due to rising fuel costs. Profitability depends on maximizing uptime and efficiency. The data brought to you by Eniram Fleet helps your Fleet Managers to optimize the energy efficiency and overall performance levels of your fleet.


NEW MODULE – Improve your routing!

Eniram Fleet™ Route KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is delivered via Eniram Fleet, a proprietary web-based application that enables ship owners and operators to access and analyze data. Eniram Fleet Route KPIs is an additional module which offers deeper insight for each vessel and routing performance.

The key elements of the Route service include illustrations of individual vessel’s routing performance against other industry vessels. KPIs are based on the simulation which utilizes multiple databases and vessel specific models. The databases include industry data and also data such as weather during the sail.

Route snippet

 Route Datasheet

We Help You Track it Down

Eniram Fleet uses Eniram Platform™ installed onboard your vessels integrated with other onboard systems (such as the bridge and automation systems) to collect the real-time performance data using sensor network technology. The cumulative data is sent back to our data center and analyzed to produce graphic displays of a comprehensive view of your vessel’s performance. The easy-to-interpret benchmark graphs and reports, accessible via a secure Internet browser, help Fleet Managers to identify savings in key areas by flagging up performance deviations and monitoring specific performance parameters. This system provides you a breakdown of propulsion power data which can be used to pinpoint areas of energy loss.

Technical Highlights



  • User-interface delivered via standard web-browser
  • Supported by any modern web browser


  • Engine power
  • Fuel consumption per engine
  • Speed-Power
  • LNG tank data

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What data I can see from a vessel?

A: All the basic data including speed, draft and engine variables are available. LNG vessels have their own type-specific variables available. In addition, Key Performance Indicators like Eniram optimization recommendations from onboard products, can be followed. Eniram’s Propulsion Power Decomposition breakdown provides the data on how much energy is consumed into different components.

Q: How I can access Eniram Fleet?

A: Eniram Fleet is a web-based application which you can access from any location using most common web browsers.

Q: Do I need other Eniram products to use Eniram Fleet?

A: Yes. Eniram Platform is the minimum requirement to get data and use Eniram Fleet.

Q: What type of data do you typically collect?

A: Any and all that is interesting for ship operations. Our core modeling requires data that we call “basic set” that enables us to understand outside factors such as wind direction and speed and vessel movement on the map and through the sea, while data from automation gives us understanding on how the propeller and the prime mover is performing. In addition to this, we identify all data points which gives additional value to the owner or operator such as lube oil consumption, HVAC performance, reefer consumption etc.


  • Comprehensive map and chart views – drill down to exceptions and study the reasons for energy consumption using Eniram’s models
  • 24 / 7 full screen dashboard view – follow your fleet on the map incl. Key Performance Indicators
  • Vessel type specific variables (e.g. LNG) – optimize your operations
  • Extract raw data for further analysis

10% savings with onboard optimization