Eniram Analytics Services

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Using automatically collected data from an Eniram Vessel Platform (EVP) equipped vessel, Eniram can provide further insight about the vessel performance. The analyses can be done as a one-time project or made into a service of recurring reports. In addition to the analyses listed below, Eniram can also perform a custom analysis; for example engine configurations, engine aging, performance of hull coating, speed profile and optimal route are all aspects, which can be covered by Eniram Analytics.

Performance affectors of a vessel
Performance affectors of a vessel

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Our analyses include:

  • Performance impact analysis
  • Hull fouling analysis
  • Sister vessel analysis

Performance impact analysis

Validate the impact of your investment

Using before and after data for comparison, our impact analysis quantifies the impact of a dry dock or any other event which influences the propulsion performance of your vessel. Our advanced methodology and industry knowledge provides you additional insight of the various factors that have influenced the performance. Fleet-wide dry dock analysis enables benchmarking the vessels and dry docks against each other, and helps understanding the benefits of more or less frequent dry docking interval.

Hull fouling analysis

Know when to clean your hull

Continuous monitoring is essential in understanding the penalty due to hull fouling. Advanced statistical methodology and automated data collection ensures that the true trend in hull friction is revealed, enabling optimal hull cleaning intervals and verifying the impact of normal hull maintenance operations.

Long-term follow-up is important also for verifying the performance of the coating. Combining data from several vessels, Eniram can perform a coating comparison analysis, quantifying the coatings’ difference in fuel consumption, and identifying possible factors to differing performance.

Sister vessel analysis

Identify reasons for differing performance of your vessels

Eniram can compare the performance of one or several sister vessels by using automatically collected data. Overlaying the speed-power curves provides insight into the structural performance, whereas analysis of the dynamic sea margin identifies the differences in the crew performance. The analysis can identify reason for differing energy consumption, or even set a performance benchmark across a whole vessel class. The analysis is also suitable for verifying the performance of newbuild vessels against other sister vessels, or previously set expectations.