Optimized vessel performance with SkyLight

Performance monitoring solution using portable hardware and software, sold as a service 

Access to fuel and speed performance data increases visibility and supports the optimization of a ships’s performance, enabling vessel operators to effectively manage their business. Eniram and Wärtsilä have now set out to deliver reliable performance monitoring – without expensive and complex installations onboard.

Our answer is SkyLight, an innovative, next generation fleet performance monitoring tool, which offers a vastly improved and more accurate solution compared to manual performance reporting.

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How it works

The SkyLight transponder is attached to the rail of the ship by the crew. The transponder sends highly reliable data about the ship’s movements every five minutes via satellite connection to Eniram’s data center. This data, together with the vessel’s noon reports, are combined and enriched with meteorological data, sea state and currents to model the vessel’s speed and fuel performance. The results are sent to you in an easily understandable PDF format or can be viewed on a web interface.

With SkyLight, you can cost-efficiently monitor your fleet and compare the performance of each vessel in great detail. The software keeps records of the ships’ performance, enabling more prompt reporting, planning and cost optimization.

We believe that real-time visibility into the performance of your vessels allows you to make the best decisions for your fleet and your business. With SkyLight, you achieve improved efficiency and cost savings now and in the future.


Quick overview 

The SkyLight service is subscription-based, and the transponder, cloud software and satellite link are included in the service package. 

  • Eniram-owned transponder – easy to install, battery-powered hardware
  • Eniram Fleet cloud software – real-time access to data


  • Charter party monitoring – transparency to how speed and fuel criteria are met
  • Normalized fuel consumption – visualization of latest speed-fuel curve
  • Speed profile – monitors the speed profile and measures the effect of non-optimal speed profile


Interested? Contact our SkyLight team in London for more information! 

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