Employing exceptional people

At Eniram, we develop services to help shipping companies reduce fuel consumption using a data-driven approach. Our servers crunch measurement data for hundreds of variables from hundreds of ships sailing around the world.

Drive the change. Join our super crew.

We have presence in Helsinki, Finland, the UK, the USA, Germany, UAE and Singapore. We have 135 employees worldwide and we are a truly unique combination of people with a common mission: We build something that makes a difference.

Eniram is an independent business entity owned and supported by Wärtsilä.


  • Build something you are proud of beyond your professional life
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of one of the fastest growing software companies in Finland with a global reach
  • Be part of an intelligent team that does environmentally important work
  • Learn to use the latest software tools in the company of expert mentors
  • Create lasting camaraderie with dynamic, supportive colleagues

“The ultimate motivator to work in and contribute to a company, all employees alike, still is sharing the sense of purpose and the values of their employer. Eniram’s mission has always been to save the world by cutting the harmful emissions of marine industry. This has been in our core of our business from the day one and it is still major motivator for our people.” Johan Backas, Managing Director, Eniram.