Employing exceptional people

At Eniram, we develop services to help shipping companies reduce fuel consumption using a data-driven approach. Our servers crunch measurement data for hundreds of variables from hundreds of ships sailing around the world.

Drive the change. Join our super crew.

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland we have offices in the UK, the USA, Netherlands, Germany and Singapore. We have 142 employees worldwide and we are a truly unique combination of people with a common mission: We build something that makes a difference.

Eniram is an independent business entity owned and supported by Wärtsilä.


  • Build something you are proud of beyond your professional life
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of one of the fastest growing software companies in Finland with a global reach
  • Be part of an intelligent team that does environmentally important work
  • Learn to use the latest software tools in the company of expert mentors
  • Create lasting camaraderie with dynamic, supportive colleagues

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I joined Eniram in 2010 to work on delivering Eniram software to our customers and since then have also worked in our Customer Support and Technical Services teams. Now, as an DevOps Engineer, I focus on getting new software deployed, including the development, maintenance and support of our unique data processing environment – the Eniram Insight Factory.

Having worked across several technical functions over the years has given me a broad view of the company and our business, as well as constant opportunities for personal development. The new challenges combined with great colleagues and an easygoing atmosphere, have kept my motivations high throughout my career at Eniram. Knowing that our services help save the environment, is a significant added bonus which I value high.



My affiliation with Eniram started in 2009 with a 4 month market & competitor analysis project related to my Business Technology studies. Afterwards, I joined Eniram’s Marketing Team to support sales and marketing activities along with the market analysis. From Marketing, I moved on to the Delivery Team to work as a Project Manager and as of late, as the Head of Cargo.

My current tasks relate to running the Cargo Team operations, for example reporting and prioritization of work. There has never been a dull day working at Eniram, with its customer responsive operations and global business – the world of shipping never stops. We have great people with good humor, ready to handle anything that comes across our path in this evolving industry.