Actionable information at your fingertips

4 January, 2018 |

Actionable information at your fingertips

I think we can all agree that data is going to fundamentally change the world. We are moving away from the traditional way of perceiving our environment, where data collection is visual and data processing and decision-making are based on human brainpower and experience. Instead, we’re moving to the next level where assets and ships become connected and we automatically gather and store data in the cloud for future use. We use this data by presenting it in clever ways in order to understand large quantities at the same time. Advanced tools allow us to explore the data from different angles, quickly revealing correlations. At this level, analysis and decision-making is still dependent on human interpretation. We still gain plenty of insights by gathering, storing, and visualizing large quantities of data, but this is only the first step on the journey towards digitalization.

The significant potential of data that add real business value is often wasted due to lack of intelligent data enrichment.

The significant potential of data that adds real business value is often wasted due to lack of intelligent data enrichment. At Eniram we take things one step further. Through automated modeling and analysis, we can get insights even from the tiniest amount data that would otherwise not be spotted through the noise. Sometimes the correlations are far too complicated for humans to comprehend. Furthermore, who would be able to monitor this data 24/7 and continuously report on it? The foundation of everything we do is our Eniram Insight Factory, where enrichment of mathematical models by data is done automatically and continuously, 24/7 – and has been going on for more than 10 years. The resulting machine learning allows us to predict and propose actions in real time.

Personnel can make more informed decisions more proactively than with traditional methods.

Personnel can make more informed decisions more proactively than with traditional methods. In terms of data, it is also easy to agree that not all data can be understood and digested. Information overload is becoming a real issue as the deluge of data threatens to overwhelm the very people it is supposed to help. Eniram’s solution is to focus solely on meaningful predictions that enable actionable insights. We do this by passing on relevant information just in time through mobile-enabled transparency. For example, possible near-future scenarios like upcoming bad weather, a sudden drop in engine efficiency, or the identification of a more fuel-efficient route can be communicated via mobile technology to selected personnel onboard and onshore. In this way, personnel can make more informed and proactive decisions. The end result is improved asset efficiency, operations optimization, and commercial management across the fleet. This in turn leads to improved safety, lower costs, and reduced emissions.

This step on the journey towards digitalization is a vital one that must be taken before moving on to the next stages. Ultimately, the operations in our industry will become more autonomous, where decisions are made by algorithms and humans take a more supervisory role. That said, we still have many steps to take before we reach this point. The actionable predictive insight that Eniram provides is one way to speed up the cultural transformation of the industry.

Eniram’s holistic competence and perspective to digitalization, not just single or isolated services, but full digitalization of assets, operations and commercial management generates value for our customers.

This is what we mean when we talk about the Eniram Insight Factory – it is not just about data, but actionable information.

Johan Backas
Managing Director
Eniram Ltd.

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