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The shipping industry continues to face pressure from a variety of different sources. Measures like the MRV directive are steering companies to adopt new technologies to ensure compliance. Meanwhile, there is a continued need to improve efficiency in a highly competitive market suffering from overcapacity.

Digitalization and connectivity are seen as part of the solution to these problems. The consensus is that data needs to be collected – the problem is that validation and filtering of this data is missing. The end result is vast quantities of information that is of little or no practical use.

The good news is that we are here to help. We go beyond mere data collection to offer concrete and reliable insights that help you to manage your assets, operations, and commercial management.

Making proactive management a reality

Eniram brings together experts with a unique set of skills – including seafarers, coders, and innovators – to develop solutions for the key issues facing your industry. We are moving beyond retroactive analysis towards proactive management with predictive insights and mobile alerts. Our solutions ensure that the right personnel know when a potential issue needs attention – even before problems happen.

From manual to 21st century operations

How to successfully navigate your digital journey?

Major players across the marine industry have committed to or are considering some level of digital investment to improve performance and better compete in a tough market landscape. Like all business processes, digitalization needs to be carried out correctly if it is to deliver tangible business benefits.

Investing in data collection systems to reduce human error is a start, but it is rarely sufficient. The reality is that using people to analyze endless data streams across multiple vessels to create insights in a timely fashion is often not possible, leading to a situation where data does not translate into improved performance. In order to avoid this kind of result, organizations need to first understand where they are on the digitalization journey and then decide how they want to move forward.

The level of digitalization in a shipping company can be viewed as a spectrum, ranging from traditional operating practices to autonomous operations. As a part of our research into the shipping market we have identified four stages of the digital journey – traditional, connected, smart, and autonomous.


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We go beyond data collection to give you concrete insights

Collecting data is not enough. Our unique Eniram Insight Factory approach is based on a mathematical model of each vessel that shows the connection between crew operations and efficiency, while also including external factors like current, wind, waves, and trim. We filter and analyze all this information with solutions based on naval architecture and state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms to give you highly accurate insights based on real measured data, not artificial estimates from simulations or laboratory tests. Read more.


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Making marine operations mobile

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