Commercial Optimization

Improve efficiency and compliance while minimizing investment

Optimizing commercial shipping

The shipping industry continues to face pressure from a variety of different sources. Measures like the MRV directive are steering companies to adopt new technologies to ensure compliance. Meanwhile, there is a continued need to improve efficiency in a highly competitive market suffering from overcapacity.

Digitalization and connectivity are seen as part of the solution to these problems. The consensus is that data needs to be collected – the problem is that validation and filtering of this data is missing. The end result is vast quantities of information that is of little or no practical use. Eniram addresses this issue by delivering actionable insights about your vessel’s performance while minimizing investment and the need for onboard installations.

Our services for commercial optimization enable:

fuel PERFORMANCE and efficiency optimization

Charter-party compliance monitoring

MRV reporting for emissions monitoring

weather map, nautical chart and route Management

Improved commercial efficiency management

Eniram SkyLight system comes at a monthly subscription fee, which includes everything from shipment of the transponder to the vessel, the data traffic, reporting and the software interface.

Eniram SkyLight infographic

Start your voyage towards marine digitalization

Digitalization is an unstoppable force that is quickly becoming an integral part and benefactor of all industries, including the marine industry in its many forms. In this white paper we take a high level look into the challenges, benefits and business insights of digitalization and analyze the current state of digital transformation across various fields and aspects of global marine operations.