Operations optimization

Optimize operational efficiency and reduce costs

Optimizing your operations

With the shipboard environment becoming increasingly complicated, it’s no longer enough to just optimize the engines, trim, or route in isolation. Instead, you need to look at your vessel as a whole to find the most efficient combinations for all onboard variables, along with weather, sea state, and other factors like ECA/SECA zones.

We support you by bringing an unprecedented level of transparency to your operations. With our solutions, you not only see what’s happening onboard each of your vessels in near real time, you also get concrete insights that help the crew make the best possible decisions. In our experience, increased transparency between onboard and onshore operations leads to better collaboration for planning and execution – which in turn translates into greater cost savings and even better decision making.

Our advanced modeling takes into account your vessel’s unique parameters and performance to enable:


Efficient crew operations Reduced operational costs

Optimized energy efficiency

Proactive safety management

Emission reductions

Services for operations optimization