Career story

Data Scientist

Stratos Staboulis

I develop software which enables:

  • Fitting flexible, non-parametric mathematical models of various forms over vessel data,
  • Evaluating and analyzing standardized vessel efficiency related quantities, such as propulsion power, speed through water, and specific fuel consumption, among others,
  • Formulating new virtual sensing techniques (e.g., by merging various different signals through modeling),
  • Providing customers with high-quality, fuel-saving products with a scientifically sound basis.

Currently I am working on some new modeling feature development, so 75 percent of the time I am trying to figure out how to write the next line of code. I have also been writing some research reports lately, i.e. plotting beautiful plots. In general, our typical workday switches between quite intensive independent problem solving and discussions with team members. We have a good team spirit, so we laugh a lot, which I appreciate.

I have studied applied mathematics at Aalto University and University of Helsinki, and I enjoy solving challenging problems that combine mathematics and computer programming.

The most rewarding part of my work is to get the largest human-built navigational devices to decide their movements based on a mathematical problem we have solved.

I want to work with something that is productive, mentally challenging, and enables me to constantly learn new skills. It is also important to me that my work is valuable for others and is good for the planet.

Compared to maybe typical data scientists, at Eniram we develop our own modeling software from scratch and do not use much ready-made (black box) machine learning software. As a result, we gain a lot of useful experience about software development and DevOps, and become professional software developers while hitting numbers with a scientific hammer.

Stratos Staboulis, Data Scientist, Model development team