Finding the drive to work for a green cause

26 January, 2018 |

Finding the drive to work for a green cause

Many articles that I’ve read recently discuss the ‘new’ generation of tech people, how they see work and how they appreciate working. The consensus seem to be that the most important aspects that talented employees value and expect from their employer are that the company is transparent and innovative in nature, that they give employees a deeper sense of purpose and offer lots of flexibility.

Innovativeness and flexibility can be viewed in various ways. It can mean that the workplace is family-friendly and allows employees to flex on working hours and location. It can mean freedom to work on a wide variety of tasks in one’s own way and on preferred equipment.

In Eniram we compete for the best talent and I can proudly say we provide a very flexible and innovative workspace.

The ultimate motivator to work in and contribute to a company, all employees alike, still is sharing the sense of purpose and the values of their employer. Eniram’s mission has always been to save the world by cutting the harmful emissions of marine industry. This has been in our core of our business from the day one and it is still major motivator for our people.

Eniram’s mission has always been to save the world by cutting the harmful emissions of marine industry.

The value proposition of Eniram is linked to offering digital services based on data that we treat in our Insight Factory. Much of what we do is operational decision support for our customers to be more efficient and to save fuel through optimized energy management. The benefits can be gained for example by optimizing ship’s trim, speed and route.

At Eniram we believe that transparency is a good way to create understanding of potential in this field. As the EU MRV regulation entered into force 2018 it requires ship owners and operators to annually monitor, report and verify CO2 emissions for vessels larger than 5,000 gross tonnage (GT) calling at any EU and EFTA (Norway and Iceland) port. Furthermore, the monitored emissions must be reported to the European Commission (EC), which will make reported and verified emissions along with related data on energy efficiency publicly available for the first monitoring period on June 30, 2019. Ships will also be required to carry a statement of compliance confirming that data for the preceding year was reported and verified.

Eniram’s performance analysis capabilities enable our customers to efficiently and reliably collect, monitor, and report key EU MRV related metrics in a compliant manner, such as fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, distance travelled, time spent at sea, and other energy efficiency indicators required by EU regulation.
The digital revolution has brought a combination of continuous data and internet connectivity to the marine industry. A direct result of this transparency is improved efficiency, lower fuel use, and reduced emissions, which are directly improving the environmental performance of the shipping industry. During the lifetime of Eniram we have saved millions of dollars for our customers in fuel and as part of that over 4,3 million tons of CO2 emissions.

So even if Eniram today is ‘Powering the Marine Revolution’ we are still very much at the same time at our roots ‘saving the world’. That’s what makes us Eniramers.


Johan Backas
Managing Director
Eniram Ltd.

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