Eniram Insight Factory

Eniram Insight Factory is our unique technology platform that powers all of our services.

What makes Eniram different?

Today’s ships are equipped with numerous sensors and advanced systems to help the crew operate efficiently. However, this onboard data is far from being utilized to its full extent. At Eniram, we collect 3 billion measurements every day from hundreds of vessels – that’s over 35,000 measurements per second. Our database already includes 140,000 sea days of highly accurate real-time data.


We continuously measure data from vessels on current operations and future plans

• Existing systems onboard
• Eniram onboard sensors
• Onshore forecasts
• Knowledge bases onshore


Data gets analyzed and enriched with 3rd party information, such as weather forecasts

• Statistical modelling
• Machine learning
• Simulation
• Prediction
• Optimization
• Data enrichment


Potential, current and future incidents & issues are actioned via Eniram Solutions

• Efficient crew operations
• Optimized asset lifecycle
• Minimized fuel use
• Reduced emissions
• Best commercial efficiency
• Proactively ensured safety

We go beyond data collection to give you concrete insights

Collecting data is not enough. Our unique Eniram Insight Factory approach is based on a mathematical model of each vessel that shows the connection between crew operations and efficiency, while also including external factors like current, wind, waves, and trim. We filter and analyze all this information with solutions based on naval architecture and state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms to give you highly accurate insights based on real measured data, not artificial estimates from simulations or laboratory tests.

Eniram API gives machine access to the collected data

Eniram API provides a powerful, real-time machine access to all the data Eniram collects from vessels and all the modelling and processing results it computes. With the Eniram API, our customers can create highly automated and cost effective data solutions to take the Eniram insight to the next level.

Key benefits:

  • Highly custom internal dashboards
  • Extensive business intelligence
  • Leverage Eniram expertise
  • Concrete data ownership

Example: Eniram API as a complementary part of Eniram Speed services


Download our datasheet to see how Eniram can help you!

You take action

With Eniram, you get real-time decision-making support to help teams improve your fleet, voyage and vessel energy efficiency management. Eniram Insight Factory is not something you need to buy separately, it is the core technology within all our services.


Better Data

Eniram Insight Factory utilizes data collected from the vessels' bridge, automation systems, and onboard sensors. It can operate with different frequency of data and give insights with different amount of variables. This data stream is further combined with multiple sources of wind, current and wave data, borth proprietary and commercial.

Better Modeling

Our data modeling approach combines fundamental physics with machine learning and high frequency sensor fusion across the whole ship and its environment. This combination produces results that none of the components could reach on its own.

Better Insight

Eniram’s modeling system is really a factory, a one which consistently produces high quality insight at global scale inside all our products. This is made possible by combining economies of scale in data with continuous investment into improving the algorithmic systems running inside.

How do you benefit from this?

Better accuracy

One never operates an average vessel with an average crew in average sea, weather, and waves. Decisions impact fuel consumption should not be made that way either. That is why we focus on optimizing each individual vessel in its individual dynamic circumstances and environment, producing superior precision.

Better outcomes

We don’t use the most sophisticated methods because they sound cool, but because we’ve seen how they cumulate to producing significant increases in the value we can provide to our customers. Through modeling Insight Factory not only produces better results, it creates better outcomes by discerning the impact of rare and hard to detect effects, and thus avoiding misguided decisions.

Better decisions

You should always make the most out of your data. No matter if you are operating heavily depending on noon reports or if you enjoy a continuous flow of hundreds of variables from your vessel. Better insight means better decisions and consistent insight helps to avoid bad decisions. The Insight Factory is not another product or an add-on to bolt onto “basic” versions. It’s part of all our products, because it really makes a difference.

From data collection to predictive analytics


Eniram Vessel platforms installed on first fleets. Trim advice onboard.


Initial reactive analytics in place with operational PDF reports and web tools


Eniram vessel platforms enabled with first predictive capabilities


Dashboards showing current performance and fleet status. First generation of mobile operations, industry benchmarking and predictive analytics.


Expand to new features and areas such as safety, security, emissions, and maintenance.