Career story

Product Manager

Sami Salonen

I’m the communication link between our team and the key stakeholders on the analytics and computation teams. My main tasks include managing the expectations of our customers and ensuring that the team is well-aligned and has clear goals and targets. And most importantly, that the team enjoys what they are doing!

I also facilitate and engage in discussions related to our upcoming services, analytics, and products, with the goal of refining them into reasonably sized chunks that the team can work on. To be honest, the classical day for me is quite hectic, with quite many meetings revolving around different planning sessions, discussions on project scope, etc.

I heard of Eniram originally when I was a student in the TKK technical university (now known as Aalto University), and there was a recruiting event called TikAs. There were two people presenting Eniram and the stuff they were doing, and I was quite excited just listening to the story. This was quite a good match with what I had been studying (control engineering, signal processing, and machine learning) so I decided to contact the company and apply for a job.

I love communicating with different people and understanding what the customer really needs. A large part of this is actually identifying and breaking down the problem, and then bringing smart people together to work on it.

For me, it is important to be part of building something that matters – and to continuously evolve my skillset and accumulate experiences.

I value my colleagues (smart and fun guys really) and the relaxed atmosphere in the workplace.

Even though this is definitely not a small company anymore, I think Eniram provides an exciting working atmosphere. My colleagues are really nice and there is always someone offering to help. This, combined with an interesting field covering analytics, data, and ships, makes Eniram a really exciting place to work.

Sami Salonen, Project Manager, Infra team