Career story

Senior research engineer

Antti Kaihola

Eniram systems constantly receive numerous measurements from ships. The measurements are essential for our products and services, but various calculations are needed when using the data for modelling and analysis.  I’m working on the systems that help the numbers flow through complex pipelines of calculations and validations. Other engineers and data scientists build the actual algorithms using the tools in our team.

I also work on an internal web-based tool that anyone in Eniram can use to get the data they need, manipulate it with state-of-the-art scientific libraries and create analyses and visualizations. This is done in so-called “notebooks” which can be shared and used by all co-workers.

My typical day is a mixture of intensive software development work, urgent support and maintenance tasks, and facilitating teamwork on high-level software and data architecture. Energetic and social working days in the office are balanced by concentrated coding, which is sometimes best done in peace and isolation at my home office or even from the countryside.

I’ve always enjoyed seeing the results of my work making other people’s work easier, faster and more satisfying.

The most fulfilling moment is when customers are genuinely positively surprised about things our systems can do for them. I also get kicks from seamless teamwork as well as being surrounded by such good-humoured people with brilliant brains.

Antti Kaihola, Senior Research Engineer, Infra team