Eniram services for the shipping industry

Eniram Platform is a real-time data collection platform, on which all Eniram onboard products run.

Eniram Platform collects data from bridge and automation systems. This data is complemented by Eniram sensors and is then stored to Eniram Data Bank for future references, further analysis and mathematical modelling.

Key features

Data collection and storage from automation- and navigation systems.

Reporting variables available in Eniram Fleet.

One-off fee includes hardware and commissioning, 2-3 attitude sensors as required and 15″ touch screen display.

Maintenance fee includes customer support.


Eniram Onboard Display

Marine-standard touchscreen displays on the bridge show officers the current state and offer recommendations.

With the installation  we hope to achieve a fuel saving of 2-4%. This could translate into US $200-400k savings in fuel per year, as well as significant reduction in air emissions.

— Miltiades Sfantsikopoulos, Superintendent Engineer, Maran Tankers

Fleet efficiency

Eniram’s solutions for fleet efficiency optimization enable performance transparency, charter party compliance monitoring and improved commercial efficiency.

Eniram SkyLight

Eniram SkyLight is a fleet performance-monitoring tool delivered as a service and supplied with portable hardware. It offers a cost-effective but highly accurate fuel performance-monitoring solution for vessel owners, operators, or charterers who want to accurately track their fuel spend and optimize vessel operations.  Read more