Simplify your operating environment to maximize fuel efficiency

Eniram Engine for LNG provides guidance for officers on TFDE and DFDE LNG carriers to help them use their engines in the most efficient way. Eniram takes into account actual engine performance to suggest optimal engine and fuel combinations for current conditions.

Our analysis is based on a unique engine model, which is created using data from the vessel’s bridge and automation systems, such as fuel flow, generator loads and produced power. The prevailing operational mode is also taken into account – for example, if fuel oil and LNG are both being used for propulsion, or if the carrier is equipped with a reliquefaction plant and using only fuel oil for propulsion.

Key benefits

Get engine and fuel combination suggestions for optimal

Establish and improve engine best-use practices utilizing the insight in Engine savings reports and Eniram Fleet

Use the planning mode to allow officers to plan the optimal setup before departure

Eniram Insight Factory

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Eniram continuously collects data from automation systems such as fuel flows, generator load, and generated power, which is combined with SFOC data.


The data is continuously analyzed by Eniram’s advanced mathematical models tailored to each unique vessel to idenfity the optimum engine and fuel combination for the given operational mode.


The optimal fuel and engine combination is displayed on the bridge and the teams are kept up-to-date with Eniram Fleet and reports.

Eniram Channels

Keeping you informed

Eniram Onboard recommendation

Marine-standard touchscreen displays on the bridge show officers the current and recommended fuel and engine combination.

Eniram Fleet exploration tool

Eniram Fleet enables better operations management by giving detailed long-term information about the vessel’s fuel use and engine load, allowing further analysis and cross-fleet comparison to maximize usage and benefits.

Eniram reporting

Eniram Engine for LNG reports allow you to track achieved savings, analyze trends, and establish best practices for engine usage.

Eniram Engine for LNG

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