Optimize hull and propeller lifecycle for better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs

Eniram Hull and Propeller Performance gives you visibility into your asset’s propulsion performance. The service allows you to optimize hull cleanings based on actual asset performance, as well as evaluate the impact of hydrodynamic investments like dry docks and retrofits.

All analysis is based on a unique model of your asset’s hydrodynamic characteristics combined with real-time information gathered by bridge and automation systems and sensors installed on the hull. This data is analyzed using advanced modeling that removes the impact of all extraneous variables to calculate one key performance indicator: how much propulsion power is needed to move the asset at a set speed in calm sea conditions?

With our service, you get a constant stream of propulsion power performance data that is comparable over time and across vessels – meaning you can track any decline in performance from hull fouling and evaluate if a cleaning is justified. You can also track changes in asset performance after hydrodynamic investments or evaluate optimum hull coatings by tracking performance differences between sister vessels.

Key benefits

Optimize the timing of hull cleanings based on actual performance

Evaluate the impact on asset performance of hydrodynamic investments like dry docks and retrofits such as air lubrication systems

Compare performance between vessels to optimize your hull coating strategy

Case: Optimizing hull and propeller performance

Approximately 10% of the energy costs and emissions of the global fleet are due to poor hull and propeller performance, which translates into billions of dollars annually.

Eniram Insight Factory

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Eniram continuously collects information about the asset’s hydrodynamics as well as weather and currents, which is combined with data from bridge and automation systems and weather forecasts.


The data is continuously analyzed by Eniram’s advanced mathematical models tailored to each unique vessel to calculate the the calm sea propulsion power performance.


The asset’s propulsion performance is displayed via the Eniram Analytics tool.

The Hull and Propeller Performance online application is one of the best services Eniram has ever developed. I would recommend it to any ship owner or charterer who wants to improve hull performance. It helps us measure and track the impact of hull fouling and optimize timely hull
cleanings. A great tool leading to savings!

– Mauricio Lacayo, Royal Caribbean Cruises

Eniram Channels – keeping you informed

Eniram Fleet exploration tool

Eniram Fleet enables better operations management by giving detailed information about the vessel’s speed and engine load, allowing further analysis and cross-fleet comparison to maximize usage and benefits.

Eniram analytics tool

The Eniram Hull and Propeller tool allows you to accurately track your hull and propeller over time. It also enables comparison between sister vessels.

Eniram Hull and Propeller Performance

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