Eniram ROUTE

Save costs by optimizing your routes

Eniram Route allows you to benchmark your vessel’s routing performance against other vessels in the industry. Comparing your vessel’s performance in this way helps you to find the most optimal routes.

After the voyage has been sailed, Eniram Route compares your vessel’s route with routes taken by all other vessels in our database on the same journey. The system takes into account for example currents, mean wind speed, distance over ground, ECA areas, distance inside MARPOL areas, and squat when comparing route performance.

All information is delivered in a graphic and map format via an easy-to-use web-based interface. Your route performance is ranked on a simple 1–10 scale and with a cost difference percentage to the best possible track, showing how your route compares to routes chosen by other vessels. The solution helps you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of navigational decisions and find more efficient routes in the future.

Key benefits

Compare your route with all other vessels in our database that have made the same voyage

See your route performance on a simple 1–10 scale

Analyze your route to find more efficient ways to sail in future

Eniram Insight Factory

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Eniram continuously collects information from sensors, bridge and
automation systems, and third-party sources like weather forecasts.


The data is continuously analyzed by Eniram’s advanced mathematical models to rank route performance against other ships in our database that have sailed the same route.


Eniram Fleet allows you to analyze your route and see the strengths and weaknesses of navigational decisions.

Eniram Channels

Keeping you informed

Eniram Fleet exploration tool

Eniram Fleet enables better operations management by allowing you to compare your vessel’s route against recorded routes sailed by other vessels – helping you to find more efficient ways to sail in the future, saving time and money.

Eniram Mobile

Mobile notifications can be sent to relevant personnel onboard and onshore when attention is required – reminding on potential weather conditions on selected route.

Eniram Route

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