Eniram SPEED

Get RPM recommendations for just-in-time arrival and maximized fuel efficiency

Eniram Speed recommends the optimal RPM to reach port just in time at the lowest cost. All analysis is based on a unique model of your vessel’s hydrodynamic characteristics. This is combined with real-time information gathered by bridge and automation systems, sensors on the vessel hull and with weather forecasts.

The service automatically receives route information from navigation systems. Based on the set ETA, the Eniram Insight Factory continuously calculates the optimal RPM profile for the remaining voayge, using advanced algorithms.

The solution also offers recommendations for diesel-electric propulsion to balance the required engine load and ensure optimum engine combinations. With Eniram Speed, your vessel burns no more fuel than is necessary to maintain the desired speed and service power requirements in the prevailing conditions.

Key benefits

Get recommendations on RPM and engine load balance for just-in-time Arrival with optimal fuel use

Ensure a relevant RPM profile with frequent updates based on changing conditions such as weather and wind

Establish and improve best practices with insights from Speed reports and Eniram Fleet

Case: Save with Eniram Speed

Many vessels play it safe for on time arrival – speed up in the beginning of the voyage to buffer time and sail very slowly at the latter part of the voyage. The fuel saved during the slow part of the voyage is never enough to cover the extra fuel needed for higher speed. On an example voyage of 3649 nm, an LNG carrier would have saved 4.9 tons of fuel by utilizing Eniram Speed recommendation instead of traditional speed planning practices.

Eniram Insight Factory

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Eniram continuously collects data from bridge and automation systems, weather forecasts, and sensors.


The data is continuously analyzed by Eniram’s advanced mathematical models tailored to each vessel to identify the optimum RPM profile for the remaining voyage.


The optimum RPM is displayed on the bridge and the teams are kept up-to-date with mobile notifications, Eniram Fleet and Speed reports.

Eniram Channels – keeping you informed

Eniram Onboard recommendation

Marine-standard touchscreen displays on the bridge show officers the current and recommended RPM and engine load.

Eniram Mobile

Mobile notifications can be sent to relevant personnel onboard and onshore when attention is required – helping ensure quick reaction to speed-related issues.

Eniram Fleet exploration tool

Eniram Fleet enables better operations management by giving detailed information about the vessel’s speed and engine load, allowing further analysis and cross-fleet comparison to maximize usage and benefits.

Eniram reporting

Eniram Speed reports allow you to track how closely speed and engine load recommendations have been followed, analyze trends, and establish speed profiles.

Eniram Speed

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