Eniram Solutions for BULK CARRIERS

Get the insights you need to improve performance

In a competitive market with low shipping rates, you need cost-effective solutions to improve your operational efficiency and find savings. Being able to verify charter party performance is also key to ensuring strong customer relationships. But as shipping companies adopt new technologies to gather data, too often the end result is just vast quantities of information with little concrete use.

Partnering with Eniram gives you reliable and relevant insights into your vessel’s performance – while minimizing investment costs and the need for onboard installations. Our next generation performance monitoring as a service enables a vastly improved and more accurate solution when compared to manual performance reporting.

Eniram Insight Factory

Discovering true potential in bulker ships

Engine model

Creates individual fuel-power (SFOC) curves for different fuels

Propulsion power decomposition

Knows where your power goes with exact breakdown into speed, trim, stabilizers, fouling, draft, sea depth, waves, and wind

Performance monitoring

Normalized fuel curve, speed profile, charter party monitoring, emissions monitoring

Voyage simulator/optimizer

Simulates/optimizes: engine configurations, RPM profile, services & propulsion load

Virtual STW sensing

Gets your key metric right without calibration errors, gaps, or noise

Hull and propeller performance

Extracts the exact impact of fouling, dry-docks, and vessel modifications in dollars and tons of fuel

Optimum trim model

Finding optimum trim dynamically in varying conditions

Get better visibility

When hiring a ship out, current methods give you little reliable visibility into how the charter party is met. Eniram solutions allow you to constantly monitor a vessel’s performance, speed, and fuel consumption against the chartering conditions to verify performance.

Optimize efficiency to save costs

In shipping, knowing your fuel consumption against a certain speed is critical for maximizing efficiency. Eniram gives you a highly accurate and up-to-date speed-fuel curve that is isolated from weather effects. The end result is better planning while reducing the time and cost of your day-to-day operations. And since running a vessel with an uneven speed profile can add many extra tonnes of fuel to a vessel’s total consumption, we help you benchmark and evaluate the speed profile of each of your vessels during every voyage.

Comply with regulations

To meet the demands of the new MRV regulations from the European Union and possible future regulations from the International Maritime Organisation, we offer an easy interface to facilitate the monitoring and reporting of the CO2 emissions produced by your vessels.

Eniram Insight Factory

Eniram Insight Factory gives decision making support for its partners based on real time data collection, statistical modeling and predictive simulations. Read more


Eniram supplies a portable transponder that is easily installed on your vessel and accurately tracks the vessel’s movements. The data is then combined with noon reports and enriched with weather forecasts.


The data is continuously analyzed by Eniram’s advanced mathematical models tailored to each unique asset to calculate an accurate speed-fuel curve, fuel flow, and other key variables.


Regular reports are sent in an easy-to-read PDF format that allows you to track performance, monitor compliance, and improve efficiency – helping you to find cost savings now and in the future.

Eniram services for BULK CARRIERS

We offer a range of services to help optimize your fleet performance, in order to improve overall energy efficiency and save fuel.

Fleet efficiency

Eniram’s solutions for fleet efficiency optimization enable performance transparency, charter party compliance monitoring and improved commercial efficiency.

Eniram SkyLight

Eniram SkyLight

Eniram SkyLight is a fleet performance-monitoring tool delivered as a service and supplied with portable hardware. It offers a cost-effective but highly accurate fleet performance monitoring solution for vessel owners, operators, or charterers who want to accurately track their fuel spend and optimize vessel operations.Read more

Eniram Solutions for Bulk Carriers

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