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4 September, 2018 | #Blog

Start automating simplest things first

Fully autonomous operation means that data collection, analysis, and decision-making and implementation are all automated and driven by artificial intelligence. The level of autonomy granted is going to be the key variable as we move towards this goal, but essentially autonomous operations change the human role from active operator to supervisor.
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4 September, 2018 | #Blog

Machine learning and artificial intelligence enable accurate performance analytics

Many companies in the shipping industry have already started their digital journey by automating data collection from their vessels. This connected mode of operations introduces a new level of transparency to onboard operations, but also has a downside - namely the ever-increasing amounts of information produced that is far beyond the capacity of any single person to process.
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3 July, 2018

From manual to 21st century operations

The level of digitalization in a shipping company can be viewed as a spectrum, ranging from traditional operating practices to autonomous operations. Read more on the white paper “How to successfully navigate your digital journey”.

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Eniram Solutions for 21st century operations

New opportunities for efficiency improvements and cost savings in the shipping industry.

Eniram Insight Factory

Eniram Insight Factory gives decision making support for its partners based on real time data collection, statistical modeling and predictive simulations. Read more


Eniram Insight Factory utilizes data collected from the vessels' bridge, automation systems, and onboard sensors. We also integrate third-party information like weather forecasts.


We use the advanced mathematical models to create insights for each vessel – for example, how to achieve optimal trim to save fuel, exact RPMs to reach port just-in-time.


With Eniram, you get actionable and real-time decision-making support. You can optimize operations, manage the assets and improve overall commercial efficiency - helping you to find cost savings now and in the future.