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Maximizing the efficiency of the marine industry

We empower our customers to maximize efficiency through digital insights, saving costs and increasing profitability – while cutting emissions that are harmful to the environment.


Eniram Solutions for 21st century operations

New opportunities for efficiency improvements and cost savings in the shipping industry.

Eniram Insight Factory

Eniram Insight Factory gives decision making support for its partners based on real time data collection, statistical modeling and predictive simulations. Read more


Eniram Insight Factory utilizes data collected from the vessels' bridge, automation systems, and onboard sensors. We also integrate third-party information like weather forecasts.


We use the advanced mathematical models to create insights for each vessel – for example, how to achieve optimal trim to save fuel, exact RPMs to reach port just-in-time.


With Eniram, you get actionable and real-time decision-making support. You can optimize operations, manage the assets and improve overall commercial efficiency - helping you to find cost savings now and in the future.

Eniram services

Eniram’s solutions range from single vessel services to comprehensive fleet wide solutions.

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Eniram blog SDG

10 May, 2017 | #Blog

Using vessel data to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

At Eniram we have been monitoring the oceans in a rather unconventional manner. When coupled with the right technology, ships can play an enormous role in understanding the oceans.
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10 May, 2017 | #Newsroom

Johan Backas appointed as Managing Director

Johan Backas has been appointed Managing Director, Eniram, as of September 1st, 2017. Johan joins Eniram from Wärtsilä where he has been holding senior management positions since 2010.
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10 May, 2017 | #Blog

Feedback from 50 commercial shipping operators on digitalizing their business

As part of productizing our latest product line we sat down to meet with 50 operators and mapped out their needs, ambitions, expectations and disappointments in their digitalization work. In this blog, we give a high level overview of what seems to have worked out and what often has not.
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