Eniram SkyLight 3.0 offers Tipco Maritime fleetwide performance benchmarking and insight as a digital service

2 October, 2018 |

Eniram SkyLight 3.0 offers Tipco Maritime fleetwide performance benchmarking and insight as a digital service

We are thrilled to share that Tipco Maritime is now among our fleet-wide customers for Eniram SkyLight. When asked about their decision to adopt our SkyLight 3.0 service on all of their ships, Mr Louis Frederic Sachs (Director – Marine Group) commented:

Real time access to continuous speed and bunker consumption data is by far the main differentiator. We do not have to wait for the Noon Report anymore to have some indication how our tankers are performing. Also, the passage planned route display on the Weather Map is extremely useful for our Marine and Operation teams.

 By having instant access to our fleet route and speed/fuel consumption performance, we have strengthened the integration and confidence level between our teams and Masters. Eniram has been a fantastic mean to bridge the gap in communication with our crews allowing us giving them 24/7 assistance with a better view of what they truly face, whenever they request.  

Tipco Asphalt and its shipping arm Tipco Maritime strive to be innovative solutions partners. Eniram is fitting our vision by enabling us giving improved feedback about our tanker performance to our charterers.”

Tipco Maritime own and operate a fleet of asphalt carriers, servicing both internal and external interests through full in-house ship management. Tipco Asphalt manufactures and distributes asphalt products servicing road construction, maintenance and paving industries, essential for transportation within Asia Pacific.

Eniram SkyLight 3.0 is a portable plug-and-play solution which provides real-time visibility on ship performance by combining traditional noon reports with high-frequency measurements, and enriching the data using modern machine learning and modelling principles. The solution was developed for charterers and owners who want more accurate and up-to-date visibility on speed-fuel performance compared to traditional noon reports, without making a costly investment to integrate with flow meters and onboard systems.


For further information, please visit https://www.eniram.fi/services/skylight/ or contact singapore@eniram.fi