Get real time decision-making support via mobile notifications

Ensure that the right people get the right data at the right time

Eniram Mobile ensures that the insight will be available both onboard your vessels and onshore for key personnel – helping captains, fleet managers, and senior executives to optimize and enhance maritime operations.

The notifications cover different aspects of operations including safety, economy, and security. These insights are based on available vessel data and the Eniram Insight Factory, which uses algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to analyze data, simulate future scenarios, and identify possible risks – as well as to find more optimal ways of operating.

Eniram Mobile requires that you have the Eniram Platform installed on your vessel or an Eniram SkyLight subscription.

Key benefits

Provides real-time decision-making support via personalized mobile notifications

Shows the latest situation for speed over ground, trim, list, high wind, weather forecasts, etc.

Helps improve the safety and efficiency of operations

Improves the effectiveness of predictive analytics by delivering key info to personnel in a timely manner

User benefits

Speed monitoring

When the vessel is slowing down unexpectedly on the planned route, we inform you through low RPM and SOG notifications directly to your iPhone, iWatch or iPad.

Predictive voyage planning

With the forecasted winds and waves on the route notifications, we inform you if the weather on the planned route exceeds defined limits when the route is planned or when forecasts are updated.

Optimize trim in real-time

Instead of relying on static trim charts, ensure optimum trim in changing conditions with clear recommendations delivered directly to your mobile device to reduce fuel consumption and generate savings.

Contextualize your operations

The added charts will give context to the notifications you receive so you have the relevant information at your fingertips in a form that is easy and fast to comprehend.


We’ve been waiting for this. We distribute the right data to the right people to take the right decisions at the right time.
– Patrik Dahlgren, SVP, Global Marine Operations, Celebrity Cruises

Eniram Mobile

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