Optimize vessel performance and speed management through accurate speed through water (STW) data

Accurate STW data is a pre-requisite for any decisions related to evaluating vessel performance or speed related onboard operations. According to a study conducted by Eniram among 300 vessels in 2017, a large portion of vessels (65% of cruise vessels) suffer significantly from speed log quality and performance evaluation accuracy is over or underestimated by more than 5%. This corresponds to speed logs being off by approximately 1,6%.

Rather than using just speed logs as a source of STW, Eniram gathers information about the speed from multiple sources. Combining all of this data leads to an accurate indication of stw, enabled by Eniram Virtual STW.

Key features

Determining vessel fuel consumption more accurately

Evaluating performance through accurate speed power and fuel curves

Evaluating routes by accurate current calculations

Case: Speed log quality assessment

65% of cruise vessels suffer significantly from speed log quality, resulting in over/underestimation of performance accuracy by more than 5%

Case: Measured and actual STW data

A 3% off-set in speed logs, measured at 15 kn when actual speed is 15.4 kn, leads to an underestimation of vessel performance by 10% for average speed.


Eniram Channels

Keeping you informed

Eniram Fleet exploration tool

Eniram Fleet enables better operations management by giving detailed information about virtual STW data. The information includes a speed log quality report per vessel, calibration off-set quantified, inconsistency quantified and impact of current speed log data on performance curve. The reports are refreshed weekly.

Eniram Analytics Tool

The Eniram Analytics tool allows you to accurately track your hull and propeller over time. It also enables comparison between sister vessels.