Eniram TRIM

Reduce operational costs and fuel use by optimizing trim in real time

Optimizing a vessel’s trim cuts fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. But unlike static trim charts, Eniram Trim allows you to respond immediately to changing conditions and maintain optimum trim in real time. Our analysis is based on a unique model of your vessel’s hydrodynamic characteristics, information gathered by attitude sensors installed on the vessel hull, and vessel automation and bridge systems.

The Eniram Insight Factory uses advanced algorithms to understand the effect of constantly changing variables like trim and list, sea state, draft and tank levels, speed through water, and propulsion power and RPM. These inputs allow Eniram Trim to calculate the optimal trim in real time – leading to lower fuel consumption and cost savings compared with traditional trimming methods.

Key benefits

Ensure optimum trim with clear onboard recommendations

See the trim reading at a glance

Establish and improve trim best practices by utilizing insights from Trim reports and Eniram Fleet

Case: Save with Eniram Trim

A Panamax size cruise vessel had been sailing 30-40 cm off optimum trim. On average, 25 cm off trim equates to 2% in propulsion power on the vessel type in question. Had the vessel been sailing at optimum dynamic trim, it would have saved 700 tons of fuel over a 12-month period. Based on an HFO cost of $600 per ton, this equates to an annual saving of $420,000 – a significant impact for a change of just a few centimeters.

Eniram Insight Factory

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Eniram sensors continuously collect information about trim, list, bending, and sea state, which is combined with data from bridge and automation systems.


The data is continuously analyzed by Eniram’s advanced mathematical models tailored to each unique vessel to idenfity the optimum trim for the given vessel in the given conditions.


The optimum trim is displayed on the bridge and the teams are kept up-to-date with mobile notifications, Eniram Fleet, and Eniram Trim reports.

Eniram Channels

Keeping you informed

Eniram Onboard recommendation

Marine-standard touchscreen displays on the bridge show officers the current trim state and offer recommendations for optimal trim.

Eniram Mobile

Mobile notifications can be sent to relevant personnel onboard and onshore when attention is required – helping ensure quick reaction to trimming issues.

Eniram Fleet exploration tool

Eniram Fleet enables better operations management by giving detailed information about the vessel’s trimming history and sailing conditions.

Eniram reporting

Eniram Trim reports allow you to track how closely trim recommendations have been followed, analyze trends, and establish best practices for using the system to achieve fuel savings.

Eniram Trim

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